HopeWorks Station I

HopeWorks Station I – The Social Enterprise Hub of Snohomish County

HopeWorks Station I

HopeWorks Social Enterprises, an affiliate of Housing Hope, is a leader in strengthening our community in Everett and Snohomish County. Our mission is bold, so we’ve been creating an inviting destination where we can foster community, innovation, connection and impact. HopeWorks Station I is just that place, and we welcome your visit, your voice and your support!


The development of the HopeWorks Station campus began in 2014 with the acquisition and renovation of a two story-building located at 34th and Broadway in the growing Everett Station District, just two blocks from the newly renovated transit station.


HopeWorks Station I is home to our three existing social enterprises and HopeWorks’ staff offices. Travelling north on Broadway Ave., our well-kept, green landscaping designed by GroundWorks catches your eye amidst the many industrial buildings. Our street-front windows showcase an alluring array of home furnishings and decor for sale at ReNewWorks. As you wander in search of the perfect vintage dinner table, the sound and smell of fresh brewed coffee stirs your senses and draws you over to CafeWorks; the café serves drinks, pastries, and sandwiches. All three of these social enterprises not only offer great products and services; they also provide job training and supportive services for individuals facing barriers to employment. To date, HopeWorks Social Enterprises has trained over 80 interns for careers in retail, food services, landscaping, and more.

CafeWorks barista using espresso machine


HopeWorks Station I is also home to LINC NW and Peoria Home and both organizations are great assets to the community we have built here at HopeWorks Station I.


LINC NW’s mission is “to exist as a creative hub for collaboration, development, action, and reflection. We believe that when communities work together they are stronger. Our work to orchestrate togetherness is full of joy because we are opportunity minded!” Peoria Home’s mission is “we will walk along the path of hope, healing and love with women who have survived lives of sex trafficking & prostitution as they courageously reclaim a life of freedom.”

Peoria Hom                                          LINC NW Logo

HopeWorks Station I is taking transformation to the next level. Situated on what was once a dilapidated industrial area, this development will anchor a bustling hub of opportunity for so many members of our community.


HopeWorks Station I is Solar Powered!

Just like HopeWorks Station II, HopeWorks Station I is dedicated to sustainability and energy efficiency. With the support of the Snohomish PUD, HopeWorks Station I is partially powered by solar panels on our roof. Now, what just what kind of difference does this make? Well, check it out for yourself! Click the link below to see how much energy we have generated in real time!




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