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On Martin Luther King JR. Day we had an awesome volunteer crew come to help us clear the downstairs of HopeWorks Station! We had the pleasure of working with the students of the Goodwill Youth Aerospace Program again – an amazing group of young adults with positive attitudes and hard work ethics! They did some heavy lifting to get the building ready for construction!

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We are thrilled to announce that our first intern graduate of 2015 completed her 16-week internship program this Saturday. She worked at ReNewWorks Home and Decor as a sales assistant learning social media marketing, inventory prep, customer service and a variety of other hard and soft skills. She is now actively job searching and interviewing – and we know that any company would be lucky to have her!


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This Friday, the Employees Community Fund of Boeing Puget Sound awarded HopeWorks Social Enterprises a $500,000 grant to support and advance HopeWorks Station and the next social enterprise! This is the single largest capital grant ever awarded to an agency by the Employees Community Fund. This money is not from Boeing, but from the employees who generously contribute money from their paychecks to the cause. This is an incredible grant and HopeWorks is so very pleased to be the recipient.  from their paychecks to the cause. This is an incredible grant and HopeWorks is so very pleased to be the recipient.Check

See a full article in the Herald Business Journal here.

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HopeWorks is please to announce the launch of its first annual Wreath Project through its third social enterprise, ReNewWorks Home and Decor. 


The purpose of ReNewWorks is to provide career pathways for residents of affordable housing in Snohomish County. Housing Hope partners in this initiative by providing job readiness training for residents in its extensive housing program. Individuals who are ready to gain employment experience and are stable in their housing are referred to HopeWorks for a 12 week internship. During the internship the residents gain valuable real world work experience, including focused training in five soft skills and three hard skills.


One of the goals of ReNewWorks is to become financially self-sufficient on earned income within 36 months. ReNewWorks is launching the Wreath Project to help achieve this goal. If successful, it will become an annual project to boost income during the winter months. The proceeds from the wreaths  will go towards growing the business which will in turn allow more interns to go through the program and have gain the necessary experience and skills to secure a living wage job. 


Individuals interested in volunteering to make wreaths should contact Callie at 


Wreaths are on-sale at and will be available for pick up after November 24th. 


Cycle w Wreath

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HopeWorks Station is now open and running! This could not have been done without the help of many volunteers who spent hours knocking down walls, installing windows and phone lines, painting, tearing up carpet and countless other jobs. Last Thursday we held an appreciation event in the new space to show it off to those who helped make the new home of our Social Enterprises possible. Thank you to all who helped and contributed and to those who came! Our 14 core volunteers received a personalized brick from the original building:

  • Goodwill Youth Aerospace: Office Cleaning for move-in
  • Andy Golub, Technical Advantage: Network and PC configuration
  • Sean Kelly: Office cleanup and furniture set-up
  • Mel SouthWick, Alternative Communications: Phone/PC wiring and system set-up
  • Rich Menzel, Menzel Roofing: Roof and drain repair
  • Dykeman Architects: Development Planning and Rendering
  • Umbra Cuscinetti Inc.: Space and wall demolition work party
  • Ben Olson, Affordable Home Cinema: Audio-visual technology for training room
  • Jeff Capeloto, Anderson Hunter: HW Station personal property liquidation
  • KRKO Radio: PSA broadcasts for HW Station
  • Liberty Mutual Insurance: Space and wall demolition work party
  • Marysville YMCA: HW Station building cleanup
  • Providence Hospital Employees: Administration office painting
  • Quantum Windows and Doors: New entry door and front windows

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The staff at ReNewWorks Home and Decor has been working hard to get the word out about their new location and growing business! One of ReNew’s biggest source of new customers has been through a reoccurring advertisement in the Everett Herald. On Customer Appreciation and Grand Opening Day, the Herald put out a fabulous article on ReNewWorks and HopeWorks, which can be found here. Their generous support has brought in a steady stream of new customers. 

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With the help of some fantastic volunteer crews, ReNewWorks Home and Decor is open for business at its new location:

HopeWorks Station

3331 Broadway,

Everett WA


Store Hours: M-F: 10-6 Sat: 10-2 Sun: Closed

There will be an Open House October 22nd, 10am-7:30pm

construction1construction2  construction3IMG_1819 IMG_1818 IMG_1823 IMG_1820

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The construction crew at HopeWorks Station is making rapid progress to get ready for the arrival of ReNewWorks Home and Decor! The big move-in date is planned for September 5th, with the grand opening to be scheduled shortly after…..Stay Tuned!



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As the HopeWorks team readies the newly acquired building on Broadway for their anticipated move-in date in July, they have faced a number of challenges. Last week one of those challenges was lifted out….with the help of a crane. An MRI machine was moved out to make room for ReNewWorks Home and Decor


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Thursday, May 1, 2014, the Umbra group showed up at HopeWorks Station for a day-long volunteer event to rehab the newly-acquired building. Bob Collett, CEO of Umbra Cuscinetti, Inc., (UC) an aerospace manufacturing company in Everett, met with Ed Peterson, Executive Director of HopeWorks, a few months ago to see how he and/or his company could get involved with helping in the community. Bob got his staff on board with signing up for a project to help HopeWorks. 

Ross Latham, Director of Operations for HopeWorks and Lewis Pounds, Construction Supervisor of Housing Hope guided the Umbra Team on what needed to be deconstructed. The Umbra Team got to work right away collectively, all goals were reached in tearing off chair rails and trim and ripping up carpet and tiles. Cabinets were taken down and furniture moved to the basement. The day was extremely successful and the first of many such volunteer events.

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