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HopeWorks carries on the volunteer tradition started by it’s ‘parent organization’ Housing Hope.  HopeWorks is still a growing organization with ever changing needs. Sometimes we are in the process of building a completely new Social Enterprise, other times we are growing one of current enterprises. At every stage of our development there is a need for volunteers.

HopeWorks and Housing Hope work hand in hand at changing the life of those impoverished. Both organizations have opportunities for connecting with your community and making a difference. Below are some of the different ways to volunteer with us.





There Are Different Ways to Volunteer


At HopeWorks we build our business enterprises upon the belief that mentorship is essential; We are always seeking business mentors.  If you would like to participate as a business mentor please contact us.

  • men-tor: (n.) One who acts as a wise and faithful guide and monitor, especially of a younger person; an intimate friend who is also a sage counselor, as of one who is young or inexperienced.

Long Term Volunteering

“Long-term” volunteering sounds intimidating, but it’s as simple as volunteering regularly over what ever time period fits your needs. This can be done in the form of an internship for school, helping with a project over time, or even taking a position within the organization such as our long time volunteer, Dianne Easely (Volunteer of the Year, 2013).


One-Time Volunteering

The simplest and most commonly known version of volunteering, one-time volunteers complete a one-time, usually in one day, project like helping tend to a community garden, spending an afternoon at Tomorrow’s Hope childcare center, or having your group/team come and complete a renovation project.


Stretch your hours!

Some companies and corporations have an employee matching program and will match all or some of your volunteer time.  The impact of your gift may be doubled or possibly tripled!  Some companies match gifts made by retirees and/or spouses.


We Honor Our Volunteers – and recognize a volunteer of the year.

2011 – Signature Landscape Services was recognized for providing mentorship through  in-kind services in business development.

2012 – Jeff Capeloto, Anderson Hunter Law was honored for his role in providing pro bono legal services in a wide range of tasks.

2013 – Dianne Easley, Retired Boeing HR executive was honored for her dedication and and contribution of critical administrative, organizational and systems development work.

2015 – Donna Leder, a member of the HopeWorks Ambassadors, has been volunteering in ReNewWorks for over a year and helped launch the ReNew Volunteer Program.

2017 – John Petosa, a member of the HopeWorks Culinary Advisory Committee, has devoted many long hours to helping us plan for HopeWorks Station II


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