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About GroundWorks Landscaping & Irrigation Services

GroundWorks Landscaping was established in January 2011 as HopeWorks’ first social enterprise. Through employment and training, this business provides pathways to professional careers in the Landscaping and irrigation Industry. GroundWorks is a participating member in the Washington Association of Landscape Professionals in Snohomish County. As of November 2013, GroundWorks had secured business clients in residential multi-family properties as well as limited commercial and Homeowner Association sites. WaterWorks Irrigation services was established in 2012 as a division of GroundWorks. Its services include irrigation installation, backflow testing, and seasonal system maintenance.

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GroundWorks Landscaping offers quality landscape services for commercial and residential properties in Snohomish County at competitive prices. GroundWorks currently services almost 70 properties in Snohomish County and is always looking to expand.

Our Services include:



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