Welcome! Thank you for taking a moment to learn more about HopeWorks Station Phase II and how it’ll help and empower many of the most vulnerable in our community to overcome homelessness and poverty. We only have $140,000 left to raise toward our goal of $5.7M. We hope what you read here inspires you to make a gift today!

HopeWorks Station Phase II is taking transformation to the next level. Situated on what was once an underutilized industrial area, this development will anchor a bustling hub of opportunity for members of our community looking to get stabilized and on a career pathway. 

My name is Janessa. Growing up, I experienced unspeakable violence and poverty. When I had my son, I fled home to protect him. We had nowhere to live except in my car. It broke my heart that I couldn’t provide for him better.

Thankfully, a shelter eventually opened up. Now stably housed, I interned at HopeWorks. My experience there was life-changing. I gained essential job skills and greater confidence. They helped me apply for work. The day Chase Bank called to offer me a job, I screamed so loud my son ran to see if I was OK!

Today, I’m pursuing my bachelor’s degree with a goal of working for Chase corporate in communications after I graduate.

Everyone trapped in poverty has untapped potential. They just need to be given an opportunity. HopeWorks gave me that. Please make a gift today to HopeWorks Station II so that others like me have that same opportunity to thrive and grow. Thank you!

   HopeWorks Station Phase II will help people like Janessa with:

  • 65 affordable apartments empowering disadvantaged veterans, families, and youth through sustainable pathways towards self-sufficiency

  • A community hub welcoming the neighborhood to our expanded cafe, event & meeting spaces, and community training classrooms

  • Food-focused social enterprises offering culinary training programs, career counseling, and confidence building for residents and neighbors seeking lasting employment pathways

  • Combining environmental and social impact, HopeWorks Station II will be a transformative residential and social hub that gives more than it takes; from energy conservation to equity, health and happiness

  • Just two blocks from the Everett Transit Station, HopeWorks Station II is easily accessed by bike, bus, train or car, fostering rich connections between the growing community of residents, commuters, visitors and future transit-oriented development in the Metro Everett area


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