The development of the HopeWorks Station Campus began in 2014 with the acquisition and renovation of a two-story building located at 34th and Broadway in the growing Everett Station District, just two blocks from the newly renovated transit station. HopeWorks Station South is home to our three existing social enterprises and HopeWorks’ staff offices. Traveling north on Broadway Ave., our well-kept, green landscaping designed by GroundWorks catches your eye amidst the many industrial buildings. Our street-front windows showcase an alluring array of home furnishings and decor for sale at Renew Home and Decor. As you wander in search of the perfect vintage dinner table.


HopeWorks Station North was opened in October 2019 and is taking transformation to the next level. Situated on what was once an underutilized industrial area, this development anchors a bustling hub of opportunity for members of our community looking to get stabilized and on a career pathway. HopeWorks Station North includes 65 affordable apartments empowering disadvantaged veterans, families, and youth through sustainable pathways towards self-sufficiency, a community hub, and Kindred Kitchen; A food-focused social enterprise that offers culinary training programs, career counseling, and confidence-building for residents and neighbors. 

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Housing Hope's Housing Development and Team Homebuilding departments also reside in

HopeWorks Station South. Team Homebuilding makes the dream of owning a quality home a reality for hardworking families in Snohomish County.

HopeWorks Station South is also home to Peoria Home. Peoria Home’s mission is “we will walk along the path of hope, healing and love with women who have survived lives of sex trafficking & prostitution as they courageously reclaim a life of freedom.”


The HopeWorks Station goal is to transform the way we use, produce, and consume energy. This is being accomplished through both energy generation and an energy behavior initiative. Through the performance of the building, we are seeking to generate a model that will benefit affordable housing developers in Washington State and promote a sustainability concept in our community.

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